Ms.Cindy was interviewed by Japanese sports website “sportie”.

Ms. Cindy was interviewed by Japanese website sports website “sportie”. This article highlights the benefits of ballet for adult students and that it keeps the body and mind youthful.
The mirror in the studio gives you the opportunity to see your body and check your posture every time you practise in class. It reinforces your awareness of body alignment and correct weight placement. This also helps to reduce injuries and sprains in daily activities, outside of the classroom. Ballet also helps to strengthen core muscles as you learn ballet technique, such as pirouettes.
The teacher encourages you to lengthen your spine and arms and legs extension, all the time in class. At the same time you need to be fully on your leg. This naturally works the core muscles; you get stronger as your technique improves.
The articles is also mentions the good effect of classical music on the brain, according to proven research.


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